First Blog Post!

This is my first official blog post! 

I have recently decided to start building on my dream of inspiring the next generation of embroiderers, by writing a specialised embroidery book and designing kits and patterns.  I am keeping the technique I have chosen for the book largely under wraps at the moment, but am hoping to have the book published in early-mid 2015.  Feel free to guess which style I have chosen! 

I am working on a series of small, identical Christmas decorations for my daughter’s preschool teachers.

The design I have chosen is from Lesley Wilkins’ book, “Blackwork Made Easy”.  I started working on them on Friday night, and my husband commented “Gee they will be small!” I have deliberately kept the design small (the stitching is about a 1.5 inch square), since I need to make eight of them! I am working them on white aida with black perle cotton.  They will be backed with Christmas fabric and have a red or green twisted cotton hanger.  Photos will follow, I promise – when I work out how to insert them!


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