Sweetcakes continued




The quilt top is together and ironed now, ready for the borders to go on (first photo).  The second photo is the fabric strips pinned together ready to be stitched and ironed into one long strip for the borders.

I took the first photo of the quilt top, then moved away for five minutes and when I came back, our cat had made herself comfy!  So of course I had to get a photo of that!

I went through my fabric and embroidery stash yesterday, it’s good when you find things you forgot you had!  I actually found two more jelly rolls that I don’t even remember buying, so there may be a couple more of these quilts to come down the track.  The next quilt you will see on here though, once this one is finished, is an embroidered quilt that my grandmother embroidered and I am putting together, ready for a friend of mine to quilt over the Christmas school break.

I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed that my glasses will arrive this week so that I can get stuck into some embroidery again and have something a bit more interesting to show you.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me reach 21 likes on Facebook – keep them coming!  Once I have reached 30, there will be one (or maybe two, depending on how generous I feel at the time!) lucky winner of a blackwork Christmas decoration.




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