Christmas decorations, and Downton Abbey addiction explained

We still need five more likes on the Facebook page to reach the goal of 30, at which point I will draw the winner of a Christmas decoration.  Please, help me and share with your friends and encourage them to like the page!

I have managed to get the Christmas decorations well underway.  Last night I checked that I had finished all of the embroidery, cut the squares to size including the backing fabric and pinned the squares ready for stitching.  Then I realised that I had no ribbon for the hangers to be able to hang them on the tree!  So it was a mad dash to Lincraft today to get some ribbon and now the decorations are neatly pinned and stacked, ready to be stitched and stuffed tonight.  photo(2)

Hopefully I will also have time tonight to iron, pin and stitch the next borders onto the Sweetcakes quilt.  Not likely though, but we’ll live in hope.

Over the weekend I mentioned a current addiction of mine to Downton Abbey.  This has come about in part because I have signed up for a Mystery Quilt Along, using Downton Abbey fabrics that have recently been released by Andover Fabrics.  The Mystery Quilt Along is being run by a lady in the US named Ebony Love, of LoveBug Studios.  If you’re interested in the Quilt Along, I understand that you are still able to sign up even though we are in week 5 of the quilt along.  The link to Ebony’s page is here.

I have chosen the Dowager Countess fabric in the new Downton Abbey Line (see photos below from Andover’s website), and when I first read about this Quilt Along, I pre-ordered a die-cut quilt from Ebony Love.  Unfortunately, the poor girl had a short shipment from Andover of her fabric, by about 11 bolts – one bolt holds about 10 yards/metres of fabric, so in short she was over 100 yards short of fabric for the kits that she had pre-sold!  I knew that I was one of the only people outside the US who had ordered a kit, and I know how much of a pain it can be to ship internationally, so I let Ebony know that I was happy to go to the bottom of the list for kits.  Thankfully, she has been able to get her hands on the missing fabric and hopefully I will receive my kit early in the new year so I can get started on this fantastic quilt she has designed!  I’ve been receiving the revealed blocks and instructions each week, and I think I have signed up for something a little out of my depth as far as quilting is concerned, but I’m sure I will keep you amused in the meantime of my mistakes and lessons learnt in the process!

Until my kit arrives, I’m re-watching seasons 1-3 of Downton Abbey on DVD to get my fix!


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