Christmas, Oriental quilt and dressmaking

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and you’ve all had a chance to recover from the festivities.

I was lucky enough to be given some fantastic presents including an embroidery kit for a project by Hazel Blomkamp (see Midnight Meander – this will have to be added to my project list at some stage!), a Japanese dressmaking book which is (unfortunately?) in Japanese so I will be attempting to Google Translate the sections I can’t work out from the pictures, and a voucher for a local quilt shop.  I was with my grandmother when she bought the voucher for the quilt shop, and managed to convince the shopkeepers to hold off on opening their recently received shipment of Downton Abbey fabrics until I can get there when they re-open in the new year, for first pick of the new fabrics!

Today I went on a little trip with my mother in law down to a different local quilt shop and finished purchasing the coordinating fabrics needed to start and complete an Oriental quilt for a wonderful friend of mine.  Below are a couple of the photos I have taken tonight, a little snippet of the fabrics which will be used (along with an off white background with black backing and binding), cutting the main fabrics into strips and pinning them together to be stitched.  I’m hoping to get these strips stitched over the next day or two.  The photo below of the blue and white quilt is the pattern I’m using for this quilt.

I dug out my gran’s embroidered basket quilt and tomorrow will have a good look at it and refresh my memory as to what we decided on doing with the quilt top.  I need to have it ready by the end of the week to give to a friend of mine to quilt over the school holidays.  A photo of that is below.

Finally, I have also managed to get my poor sick overlocker working again, and have overlocked a dress for myself and stitched it together (photo below).  I have the binding around the neckline and armholes pinned and ready to be stitched.  I’m hoping to have this complete before starting back at work in around a week’s time.  I had a major clean out of my wardrobe about two months ago and desperately need some new clothes to wear, so I’m glad my overlocker is back in action!

Happy stitching!  I promise to have more actual embroidery done ready to show you in the next week or so!IMG_2624 IMG_2650 IMG_2661 IMG_2663 IMG_2664 IMG_2665 IMG_2668 IMG_2669


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