Dressmaking week! With a little helper…

IMG_2758This week, I’ve been doing some dressmaking.  I’ve been using some Japanese dress patterns as they are really light and comfortable to wear, and very easy and quick to cut out and put together.  As usual, as soon as I turn my back, Miss Zoe the cat decides she wants to help.  This is Zoe “helping” cut a pattern out.  I shouldn’t complain this time, last time she spilt my dish of pins and ate about 4 metres of sewing cotton…..

I’ve finished a dress for myself which is currently in the wash so I will post a final photo once it’s clean and ironed.


I made the same dress for my boss in a different fabric, a blue/green/brown stripe – an in-progress photo is below, although more progress has been made since I took that photo – essentially it is now finished, I just need to hem it.


I have also taken a bite of courage and cut out another dress for my boss – this one was supposed to be her Christmas present but I just didn’t get to it in time.  I say “take a bit of courage” because the fabric is a pretty pink cotton hand printed with gold paint by silk screening by an Aboriginal artist.  My boss is a fan of Aboriginal art and fabric so I sourced this online from the Northern Territory and because it is hand printed and by a well known artist, it cost a small fortune.  I wanted to use it for something a bit special.  She also likes Japanese dress patterns and has bought me a couple of my books, so after hours of pouring over the pages of my Japanese stash, I ended up going with the cover dress on one of the books, it is shown below in blue but I have taken a photo of the fabric as I was cutting the pieces.  I have made it longer than on the cover, as she prefers them to come just below her knee.  I hope she likes the finished product!

Happy stitching!




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