Two finished dresses

These are two dresses I’ve been working on lately which I’ve posted in-progress photos of previously.  I made them using a Japanese dress pattern, they are soooo quick and easy to put together.  The floral one is mine, and the stripey one is for my boss.  Of course, we both ended up wearing them to work today!  She has dressed hers up with a nice green belt which makes us look just a little less like twins.  As I’ve uploaded the photos, they seem to be a bit poor quality because of the chandelier light we have in our lounge room, I will try taking better photos of these at another stage.

The next dress on my sewing machine is the Aboriginal print dress for my boss.  Following that will be a nice, bright one for myself – I’m just trying to settle on which pattern to use!  In the meantime, I have discovered that I have an embroidery assessment due on 10 February, so that may take up all my spare time in the next couple of weeks – I had pushed it aside over Christmas and forgotten when it was due – oops!  I better get cracking on that.  Happy stitching!

photo 1 photo 2


3 thoughts on “Two finished dresses

    • Thanks Monica, they are wonderful in the hot weather, I wore the floral one yesterday as mentioned and I am wearing an earlier version in a Liberty floral print today – I will try and find a photo of this one to post! I would love to visit Japan, but I’m slightly concerned about the language barrier – did you find any major issue in getting around/ordering food/etc?

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