Dressmaking help needed!

This is a call to all you smart dressmakers out there. I want to adapt a dress pattern slightly. It is another Japanese design, which I love but I don’t want the skirt part attaching to the bodice to be gathered. I am planning on using a heavier (medium/quilting weight) cotton for both the bodice and skirt, so I don’t want it to be too “poofy” being gathered. To make it more of a straight skirt, would I be able to simply cut the skirt piece the same width as the lower edge of the bodice?

Thanks in advance!



2 thoughts on “Dressmaking help needed!

  1. You are right to eliminate the gathers – I once bought a dress like this and it turned out to be extremely unflattering. I would think that you can cut the skirt about the same width as the bodice, but I would cut it with a slight curve to follow the hem, rather than straight across. I think it will hang better that way. You may still have to adjust the hem once it is ready to try on. Good luck!

    • Thanks Monica, I will give it a go. I might grab some plain basic cotton fabric to test it out on first before I go chopping into the bright fabric that I want to use. Hopefully I’ll have some time in the next few days to cut it out, although I really do need to get stuck into a piece of embroidery to send away for marking! I need more hours in the day…

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