What does $950 worth of fabric look like?




I have been a bit sick again this week but have spent my lunchbreaks at work dressmaking. I’ll have more done today and will show you then what I’ve been working on.

But – back to the $950 of fabric… My boss has decided that since I have no spare cash but can sew, and she has spare cash but can’t sew, she will provide fabric for us both and I’ll make clothes! So what better way to spend the time between patients in our practice, than online fabric shopping! She found a website selling genuine designer fabric. So, top to bottom in the first photo we have a Christian Dior wool boucle, a hot pink Vivienne Westwood wool tartan, and two Chanel wool boucles. I’ll be busy making miniskirts and jackets fresh for both of us for winter! And, my lucky little 10 month old Miss H may even have cute little skirts or dresses with any leftovers!!

The fabrics in the second photo are three cotton/cotton linen blends, all Japanese import fabric. The top violet grey is for me, and the grey check and teal/white print is for my boss.

When am I going to have time to make all this up, you ask? I have no idea either! But I’ll get there…

I haven’t been able to do any more embroidery lately because of these monster headaches I’ve had… Thankfully I can still concentrate on machine stitching though.

Over the weekend I’ll update you on the dressmaking I’ve been doing, and my progress on the Oriental quilt.

Happy stitching!


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