Dressmaking projects

I have finished my embroidered Deerfield piece and sent it off for marking but I accidently deleted the photo before uploading it on here! I’ll post a photo when it is returned.

I’ve managed to get my sewing machine working again and have made progress on some recent dressmaking projects.

First, a new light summer dress for myself. I actually started this about 18 months ago when I was pregnant, but I mucked up the pleats at the front and put it in the “too hard” basket. Here is the finished product, I’m planning on wearing it tomorrow:


Here is a dress for my boss, once again I dove in head first without reading the instructions and mucked up the neckline so I need to do some minor adjustments, I’m hoping to have the new cuts overlocked tonight and finished on my lunchbreak tomorrow or Friday:


Third project nearly finished, a very bright yellow top for myself, I just need to turn and stitch the binding around the neck and armholes, then it’s ready to wear:


I love this yellow fabric so much I also have a pencil skirt cut out and it’s next on the stitching pile.

A quick update on the Oriental quilt, I’ve pinned the next lot of squares together and they are ready for stitching, after the yellow top and skirts are complete!

Sorry for the poor quality photos, Another thing on my “to do” list is recharge the camera batteries…

Happy stitching!


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