Toddler dresses – nearly a disaster!

Two of the four toddler party dresses are finished, the two for Miss H. It very nearly ended in disaster though – I made size 18 months, thinking that she would get quite a bit of wear out of them in the next few months. Well, lucky I didn’t make the size smaller, these only just fit her, with quite a bit of contorting of her arms to squish them in there! Oh well, I should’ve paid more attention to actually measuring the sizing before I cut them. She will get one wear out of each of them this weekend and then I’ll make a bigger size next time.

And of course, trying to take photos at home without Miss Zoe the cat photobombing is a rare occurrence… The big black blob in one of the photos is the little ratbag.

Those of you who know me well know that I’m not a fan of our daughter Miss H being displayed too often online but in a rare occurrence, a photo of her in one of her new dresses is below. I think she likes it, even after having her arms positively squished into the dress!



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