Three finished dresses!

My photos this time are a bit dodgy so I apologise in advance  🙂  I just wanted to hurry and post this before I lost track of these projects completely!

I’ve finished three dresses recently, you may recall the fabrics that I was using for these:

photo 4

A lilac cotton for myself:

photo 1

A grey check (I forgot to take a photo of this one completed before I handed it over) and an orange elephant print for my boss:

photo 2

This time, I kept track of how much time I spent on these collectively, as well as the fabric and thread costs.  I was pretty surprised with the outcome!  I did think it would take me longer, but considering I have to stop and start my stitching in between work and life, I think I did pretty well.

I spent a total of $108 on fabric and threads, and spent 4.25 hours cutting, overlocking, pinning and stitching these dresses – so, if I was to say my nominal rate of “pay” for creating the garments is $25 per hour, it “cost” me approximately $215 to make three dresses, or approximately $72 per dress.

I did get the very high quality fabric on sale, but I would really love to hear your thoughts my pricing these dresses at $75  – I welcome all responses – and of course, I’m open for orders for these dresses!


Fabric:  Lucky Lantern (closing down – get in quick for a good bargain!)

Threads:  Gutterman from Spotlight


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