Deerfield Embroidery

As part of a Home Study Course I’m completing in crewel embroidery, through the Embroiderer’s Guild NSW, I completed a Deerfield piece inspired by a project in Inspirations issue #56.

photo 1(1) photo 2(1) photo 3 photo 4

I’m not ordinarily a “blue” person, in all honesty it is probably one of my least favourite colours.  BUT for some unexplainable reason, I LOVE Deerfield embroidery which is primarily blue on white.  I received my assessment back from the teacher and I was again praised for my stitches and tension control in my embroidery.  In this piece I experimented a little with using negative spaces/minimal stitch use and thankfully, that gamble paid off.  The teacher’s comments to this effect were:

“…you observed the tonal values of the blues from very dark to very light create a wonderful effect of light, shade and perspective…”

“…I note that you wished to experiment with minimal stitch use and the result is very appealing, I like it very much – for the pattern of open seeding stitches used on the body, the solid New England Laid stitches on the wing and around the neck, and the solid satin and French knots in two of the three circles [berries]…”

I’m pretty happy with my progress in this course so far.  Hopefully I can clear up this sinus infection that I yet again have, so that I can get cracking with my next module.


3 thoughts on “Deerfield Embroidery

  1. I *love* this little bird! Great work. 😀 I feel the same as you about blue, but I’m trying to use more of it.

    I had a recurring sinus infection for years, until they finally gave me some different antibiotics before my surgery last year. Cleared it up and it hasn’t come back! I think I had developed some resistance to the usual prescriptions. Good luck!

    • Thanks Monica, I love this design. Funnily enough I really love my daughter in blue so I’ve been trying to use more.

      Out of curiosity, could you please email me which antibiotics they gave you? I’ve had recurring sinus infections for so long now, and have had two sinus surgeries…. Nothing works! I’ll try anything!!!

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