Dear Sickness…

Dear Sickness,

Please go away.

Sincerely, Emily.


I have been extremely under the weather with continued sinus infections.  If you are a close relative, friend, or just anyone who sees me regularly and you are sick, PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM ME – I don’t want your germs!  🙂  Every little cough and cold that people have and pass on to me goes straight into my sinuses and turns into a lingering sinus infection.  I am back to the surgeon in a couple of weeks so hopefully I get an answer soon.

Anyway, back to the point.  I’ve been slightly productive in the last couple of days – I finally got my overlocker serviced and she’s purring again (name suggestions anyone?). Thankfully – I was about to throw her out the window. And $100 for a service is a bit better than $899 for a new machine!

So I’ve finally been able to get back into some dresses I had cut out for others, a couple are now finished and on their way to their new owner (Hope you love them Mrs R!).  Notice the new labels! (

photo 2photo 1photo 3

I also finished one for myself last week but forgot to take a photo, I’ll update that next week with the next gift dress.

My next production line is five toddler dresses (yes, five.  I know, I’m insane).  One is set to be Miss B’s birthday dress, two are for my own Miss H, and two will be listed for sale – they are in size 2-3 toddler.

photo 2 (2)  photo 1 (2) photo 1 photo 2   Happy stitching!


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