Toddler dress production line complete!

I’ve been getting through a toddler dress production line. I think it’s much easier to make more than one of the same garment at once, so I dove straight in and made five, yes five of these ones! (Yes I’m crazy.). Two of these are for my little monkey Miss H:



One of the same dress but with a collar is for Miss H’s friend little Miss B (this is her birthday present, sorry to spoil the surprise Mum Mrs R!):


And one each of these will be listed for sale – once I have washed and ironed them I will post the link to my Etsy store listings:


Next in line I am planning on finishing a few more in-progress dressmaking projects, and I’ve been working away on the Oriental quilt in the background here and there, I will update soon on these.

Oops Just realised a few of the photos above are sideways but I don’t know how to immediately change that sorry! 🙂

Happy stitching!


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