This wasn’t intentional I swear…

I started out by cutting two dresses – one for my boss and one for myself out of a gorgeous double sided charcoal/sky-blue wool knit fabric. There was a bit leftover so I thought I’d cut out a little one for Miss H.

My boss requested that hers be reversible so I got to a certain point on hers before I got stuck. I’ll finish that off in the next few days once I get my head around the part that I’m stuck on.

So then I started stitching Miss H’s hem, armholes and neckline and thought I’d try some decorative stitches on my sewing machine. I turned her hem the opposite way to normal so that there’s a sky blue contrast band at the bottom with the decorative stitching in charcoal thread. Then I decided to do the same stitch in sky blue thread around the neck and armholes.

Well, I loved how it turned out, so I ended up using the same stitch to finish off my dress! I totally didn’t intend on making matching mummy/daughter dresses but there you go, a bit more matchy than I intended. Oh well. The actual dress patterns are different but the stitching is the same.

More to follow in the next few weeks!








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