Sweetcakes continued




The quilt top is together and ironed now, ready for the borders to go on (first photo).  The second photo is the fabric strips pinned together ready to be stitched and ironed into one long strip for the borders.

I took the first photo of the quilt top, then moved away for five minutes and when I came back, our cat had made herself comfy!  So of course I had to get a photo of that!

I went through my fabric and embroidery stash yesterday, it’s good when you find things you forgot you had!  I actually found two more jelly rolls that I don’t even remember buying, so there may be a couple more of these quilts to come down the track.  The next quilt you will see on here though, once this one is finished, is an embroidered quilt that my grandmother embroidered and I am putting together, ready for a friend of mine to quilt over the Christmas school break.

I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed that my glasses will arrive this week so that I can get stuck into some embroidery again and have something a bit more interesting to show you.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me reach 21 likes on Facebook – keep them coming!  Once I have reached 30, there will be one (or maybe two, depending on how generous I feel at the time!) lucky winner of a blackwork Christmas decoration.




Sweetcakes continued, and a scrappy stash started


I came across a blog quite a while back, a Bee In My Bonnet – when I was looking online for a tutorial on a neater way to bind quilts than I was previously doing.  Recently, I came across a blog post on here about how she keeps her fabric scraps – now, if you decide to visit this blog, you will see just why I am drooling over her sewing room, but that’s not the point of my story.  My point is she keeps her scraps and cuts them into useable 1.5, 2.5, and 3.5 inch squares and strips to be used later for scrap quilts or anything else they come in handy for.   http://beeinmybonnetco.blogspot.com.au/2013/08/from-my-quilty-studiohow-i-save-my.html

Prior to reading this, I was a bit useless with scraps, always thinking “what on earth will I do with leftover bits and pieces in various shapes and sizes”.  But AFTER reading this I realise I can keep them and use them later on for anything that comes up!  So I spent some time today cutting the scraps of the accent fabric used in the Sweetcakes quilt, into 2.5 inch squares.   Admittedly, I probably could also have cut some 1.5 inch squares from some of the bigger leftovers, but honestly I didn’t have the energy – baby steps!  At least I have kept SOME of the scraps this time instead of just tossing them – I now have a nice stack of 2.5 inch squares, as you can see on the right hand side in the photo above.

Below are a couple of photos taken today of my progress with the Sweetcakes quilt.  The first one is the stack of strips all pieced together, and then the second one is the strips then pinned together ready to be stitched into one whole quilt top!  It should all be together by tomorrow afternoon with the borders ready to go around the edge.

Yesterday I cut out fabric for two simple dresses, one for myself and one for my boss.  The Christmas decorations and other embroidery projects are still on hold because my new glasses have not yet arrived…  They better arrive soon, I’m having withdrawals! (and headaches…)  Although I have chosen fabric out of my grandmother’s stash to back the Christmas decorations with, so I guess that can be called progress!

Have a great weekend!




First Blog Post!

This is my first official blog post! 

I have recently decided to start building on my dream of inspiring the next generation of embroiderers, by writing a specialised embroidery book and designing kits and patterns.  I am keeping the technique I have chosen for the book largely under wraps at the moment, but am hoping to have the book published in early-mid 2015.  Feel free to guess which style I have chosen! 

I am working on a series of small, identical Christmas decorations for my daughter’s preschool teachers.

The design I have chosen is from Lesley Wilkins’ book, “Blackwork Made Easy”.  I started working on them on Friday night, and my husband commented “Gee they will be small!” I have deliberately kept the design small (the stitching is about a 1.5 inch square), since I need to make eight of them! I am working them on white aida with black perle cotton.  They will be backed with Christmas fabric and have a red or green twisted cotton hanger.  Photos will follow, I promise – when I work out how to insert them!