Three finished dresses!

My photos this time are a bit dodgy so I apologise in advance  🙂  I just wanted to hurry and post this before I lost track of these projects completely!

I’ve finished three dresses recently, you may recall the fabrics that I was using for these:

photo 4

A lilac cotton for myself:

photo 1

A grey check (I forgot to take a photo of this one completed before I handed it over) and an orange elephant print for my boss:

photo 2

This time, I kept track of how much time I spent on these collectively, as well as the fabric and thread costs.  I was pretty surprised with the outcome!  I did think it would take me longer, but considering I have to stop and start my stitching in between work and life, I think I did pretty well.

I spent a total of $108 on fabric and threads, and spent 4.25 hours cutting, overlocking, pinning and stitching these dresses – so, if I was to say my nominal rate of “pay” for creating the garments is $25 per hour, it “cost” me approximately $215 to make three dresses, or approximately $72 per dress.

I did get the very high quality fabric on sale, but I would really love to hear your thoughts my pricing these dresses at $75  – I welcome all responses – and of course, I’m open for orders for these dresses!


Fabric:  Lucky Lantern (closing down – get in quick for a good bargain!)

Threads:  Gutterman from Spotlight


Three dresses in progress

As mentioned yesterday, I have three new dresses in progress – one much needed one for myself, and two for my boss – gotta keep the boss happy!

I had some time at lunch yesterday to cut them out, and have managed to overlock and pin them today.  I’ve made good progress on these so far so hopefully they will be finished within a few days.

I’m using a pattern that I have used previously – the one that I made for my boss out of the pink & gold Aboriginal print fabric (shown below on the front cover of Stylish Dress Book).  I’m not 100% positive that it is particularly my style, but I’m willing to give it a go, especially since I picked up the lilac cotton fabric at a bargain price.  Hey, if I don’t like it when it’s on I can always sell it, can’t I!

In the photos below, you’ll see the three dresses – the lilac cotton is for myself, and the pale grey check and orange elephant are for my boss.  I very nearly stuffed up the elephant print when cutting out and in fact upon pinning them together today I have realised that I did in fact stuff up cutting out the sleeves so I need to cut into more fabric to fix that up.  Obviously it’s a directional print, I cut the front piece first with the elephants’ legs at the bottom as they should be, and when I looked again, I had pinned the back piece with the elephants’ legs at the top so they were standing on their heads – oops!  Lucky I noticed that before I actually cut the fabric!

It is quite early in the season but it is absolutely freezing here where I work in the Southern Highlands.  I have realised how depleted of warm winter clothing my wardrobe is, so I have set myself a goal of making myself at least one new garment every fortnight until the end of winter.  Hopefully the motivation stays with me as I unfortunately can’t just rug up in jeans, jumpers and ugg boots to work each day!

I received my Deerfield embroidery back in the post yesterday from being marked for the course I’m participating in.  I was very happy with the comments although I only had a very quick read.  I will post a final photo and summary of my course progress so far at a later stage.


photo 4 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3