Sweetcakes quilt, nearly finished!

This will be the last Sweetcakes update for a little while.  I’ve added two borders, a photo is below.  I’ve decided to add another border so that’s currently pinned but it is so hot I just can’t be bothered stitching that tonight.  THEN, all that needs to be done is baste the layers of the quilt top, wadding and backing together, quilt the layers together and put the binding on.  I’m undecided yet whether to outsource the quilting to a professional long-arm quilter, or tackle the quilting myself.  I have a friend who is much more experienced at machine quilting, so I will be asking her advice over the Christmas break before I make a decision.

Here is a photo for you!  I will now move onto other projects while deciding what to do about the quilting, so this project will be on the shelf for a while.  Thanks for staying interested in this quilt!IMG_2595