Valuing Arts & Crafts

I follow quite a few embroidery, quilting and craft blogs.  There has been a big influx of posts recently discussing the value (or rather, lack of value) people place on handmade items.  After reading several posts on this subject in recent weeks, I am planning on keeping track of my next few projects – the materials used and time spent on the projects.

I encourage you to take a look at these few blog posts to get a feel for the apparent new “movement” creating waves in the craft worlds, particularly Sam Hunter’s We Are $ew Worth It campaign.  Even if you never intend to make a handmade item yourself, I am sure that most of you have been given a handmade item and this may just open your eyes as to what actually goes into producing something unique and handmade, both the materials used as well as the maker’s time and loving care in creating it for you.

I am planning on attempting to sell a few handmade items in the near future, and I intend on using a worksheet to keep track of my materials used and time spent to go along with the items.  I am prepared to hang onto the items until a purchaser comes along who is happy to pay the appropriate price, rather than just selling something way, way below “cost” just for the sake of it.

Of course, I am also continuing to make items as gifts for special family and friends – even though, in the past, I have had a few extremely underwhelming responses to rather time-consuming handmade gifts (thankfully this is rare but it has happened!).